So, what about the blog’s title – Joe The Flow? It was a nickname that I was given to me when I played with the Chris Lizotte Band.

This blog, seemingly, has not direction.  I’m breaking the rules of blogging by not focusing in on one singular subject.  Well, myself like many of you, aren’t singularly interested.  Here you will find a wide variety of subjects, ones that interest me.

So what’s my ‘day job’?  I’m a photographer, video editor, web designer, marketeer (as apposed to a mousekateer), and audio geek. I’m also an adjunct professor – audio production for Cinema Arts students at Vanguard University.


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  1. GIo Amadei says:

    Well said – too many people are cheap idiots

  2. It’s like you’ve transcribed the thoughts from some of my customers into beautiful parody. Brilliant.

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