ICE Standard If you’re ever involved in an accident or have a medical emergency, your smartphone can play a critical role. But when it’s locked, the information isn’t accessible for emergency personnel to retrieve. That’s where “ICE,” or “In Case of Emergency” standards come in. You can set up your phone so that it will remain secure, while still making it possible for first responders to get to the critical information they need.

On iPhone, you can set this this up through the Apple Health app. Once you set up a “Medical ID,” it will make that information accessible from the iPhone’s lock screen. Another way to set up ICE information is through free third party apps available for both iPhone and Android. In addition to providing medical information, these apps also have accident walkthroughs and report forms you can fill out.

Get ICE Standard for iPhone (Free)
Get ICE Standard for Android

It’s important to note that emergency personnel only consider smartphones as a backup location for your medical information. They are trained to check in specific locations for a physical emergency card. For a full list of the places emergency personnel are trained to look, check out

Thank you to TechGuyLabs for originally posting this information.


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