Last week, a Huntington Beach High School student stood up to a bully who was HITTING blind student and the results of his HEROIC behavior was being suspended and kicked off the football team.  (Sign petition)

This morning I wake up to a story of Sgt Martland, 33, who had served as a Green Beret for 11 years, was reprimanded for “flagrant departure from professionalism and even-tempered leadership” and was dumped out of the forces in February this year after being “involuntary discharged”. WHY you ask.

He attacked Afghan police commander who had allegedly chained a boy to his bed and kept him as a sex slave.  Sgt Martland, saved an 11 year boy from being repeated raped.

What in the world is going on?  If you stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves you get punished?

There is a point where MORALS trump rules.  But, when everyone sues for anything and everything, it has resulted in more and more GOOD PEOPLE running away rather than jumping in.

Shame on us.

If more people like Cody and Sgt Martland stood up, maybe the GOOD GUYS/GALS would start winning again.


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