Teleconverters are a great way to get some extra reach without having to drop some serious money for a 400mm+ lens. It can be an essential tool for many photographers who are constantly cropping in on their images, even when shooting with a crop camera and telephoto lens. In case you didn’t know, a teleconverter is a small lens element that attaches to your lens and increases the effective focal range, typically by a factor of 1.4x or 2x.

Also known as an extender, tele-extender, or a doubler (2x), teleconverters are an important piece of equipment for long lens photography… but is there a limit?

Teleconverter Stacking

“Okay… so if a 2x teleconverter can give my 200mm lens the field of view of 400mm lens, would a second 2x teleconverter make it an 800mm?”teleconverter

“How about 1200mm, or even more?”

Today we find out just how far we can go with teleconverter stacking. High above the streets of New York City, tourists atop the Empire State Building become the subject of our teleconverter ridiculousness. I do not suggest conducting the following experiment unless you like image quality loss and possible breakage of your camera. [read PetaPixel]

3 Penguins Photography


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