It will ruin your concentration, kill your productivity and drive you to absolute distraction. When you get a song stuck in your head it can really affect your mental state and ruin your mood.

We take a look at the what, how and why of “earworms,” and ask, “Is there a cure?”

Can you get a stubborn song “unstuck” from your brain? Find out below.

What is an earworm?

An “earworm” is the common term for having a tune, or part of a tune, stuck on loop in your head. The scientific name is “involuntary musical imagery,” abbreviated to INMI. You can also call it “stuck-song syndrome,” but “earworm” really does seem to sum up the condition. The term comes from the German word “ohrwurm” which has no direct English translation — hence its bastardization.

It’s a very common phenomenon. A recent Finnish poll revealed that nearly 92% of people experience involuntary musical imagery at least once a week. [read]


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