Who doesn’t love sarcasm?  That’s what most sarcastic people think. I found this article very interesting.  Even though it’s aimed at marriages, there are points that you can apply to any relationship – work, friends, or…

Like many people, I have the gifts of sarcasm and snark. OK, maybe they aren’t really gifts, but I’ve got them, and they work when I’m with my buddies at the gym or mountain biking or hanging out. I’m always good for a witty comment followed by some friendly chuckles.

While sarcasm and snark are often acceptable communication strategies used among like-minded peers, they are not really a great fit for building intimate relationships among engaged and married couples.

In three decades of marriage, it’s taken focus and hard work (amid many failures) to restrain my “gifts” in the presence of my wife, Cathy. Any time I “express these gifts” it hasn’t been good for our marriage. [read]


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