Having been a fan from the moment I saw my first James Bond film, I haven’t missed the ‘funny’ in the latest installments.  Personally, I think it will hurt more than help.  Then again, I’m not John Cleese. Then again they are not making another Monty Python film either.

James Bond always has had a license to kill. But does he also have a license to be funny?

The last James Bond adventure, Skyfall, had a brilliant mixture of danger, thrills and humor – particularly in the colorful interplay between 007 (Daniel Craig) and the menacing Silva (Javier Bardem). And with Sam Mendes back in the director’s chair for the announced James Bond 24, you can see why he’d like to tap into some of the same magic. Which is why The Daily Mail reports that Mendes has brought Skyfall original writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade back to Bond 24 to punch up the screenplay turned in by Oscar-winning screenwriter John Logan.

Specifically, according to reports, Purvis and Wade were asked to “sprinkle in more gags, emphasizing the witty repartee between Daniel Craig’s 007 and Naomie Harris’s Miss Moneypenny, and focusing on the interplay between Bond and Ralph Fiennes’ M.” It can’t be coincidence that these reports are surfacing days after one-time James Bond co-star John Cleese criticized the current franchise for being far too serious and intent on delivering long, boring action sequences to appease Asian audiences. [read]


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