Some of us jokingly say that we’re addicted to our iPhones. A newly released app called Moment will show us just how true that statement may be. Designed to promote a healthier balance between our real lives and those lived through the small screens of our digital devices, Moment tracks how much you use your phone each day, helps you create daily limits on that usage, and offers “occasional nudges” when you’re approaching those limits.

The app’s creator, Kevin Holesh, says he built Moment for himself after realizing how much his digital addictions were affecting his real-world relationships.

After moving in with his fiancée and settling into their new lives together, they both started whipping out their iPhones at the end of the day to unwind, Holesh explains via a blog post. And while that’s okay to a point, for him, it was becoming a serious problem.

“We stopped doing fun and productive things and chose the path of least resistance,” he writes.

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is just too much, it seems.

As an iOS developer himself, Holesh decided to build a solution – yes, in the form of an iPhone app. But this app isn’t meant to be actively used. Instead, it’s “designed to be invisible,” says Holesh. That is, after you set up Moment the first time, you never need to open it up again. The app will just run in the background, alerting you as to when you’re going over your daily limits. [read]


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