Personally, I think IKEA is losing its mind – getting a bit selfish and in return, losing its loyal customers.  For me, it started when they removed the ‘quality’ food products for it’s own, less flavorful substitutes.  Don’t bother buying their chocolate, it tastes terrible in comparison to Marabou.  And now this.

A fansite for modifying Ikea furniture has been asked to dissociate itself from Ikea’s trademark.

Jules Yap*, the owner and operator of–a site you might visit if you were looking to build an Ikea lamp into an Ikea headboard, or transform an Ikea table into an entertainment stand–has posted a letter to her readers, explaining that, months ago, Ikea sent a cease and desist letter to the site, requesting the URL be voluntarily transferred to the company and threatening further legal action should she not comply. [read]


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