You can’t pay the rent, you’re stuck in traffic, you can’t find a job, you’re working too much—it’s all enough to make anyone want to scream. Stress is bad. It doesn’t just result in screaming at inopportune moments, loss of hair, or uncontrollable facial ticks. It can literally kill you, as countless medical studies have shown.

Stress is all around us every day, but is it actually more insidious in certain places? That’s what the Movoto Real Estate Blog wanted to find out in our latest ranking of the nation’s largest cities. As it turns out, the data shows that some places are more stressful—and stressed out—than others. In fact, when it comes to cities where lost hair piles up in huge mounds and fingernail biting could be a pro sport, there’s none better at it than our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

This swirling vortex of antacid and rattled nerves isn’t alone in its misery, oh no. There’s a full top 10 places even a Zen master would have a hard time staying calm in: [read]


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