The most successful people are the ones who take big risks, which often means spectacular flameouts. We asked entrepreneurs who are at the top of their game how they coped when major failure smacked them in the face.

In order to achieve greatness, you have to fail greatly.

The most successful people will tell you that at some point in their careers, they thought they were going to fail. Not because they didn’t have enough confidence in themselves, but because they had risked everything.

The difference between these successful people and those we never hear about again is that the former kept going.

Arianna Huffington learned early on that failure is needed in success.

Aaron Schildkrout, cofounder of, even learned how to fail more quickly.

Thrillist’s Ben Lerer learned how to come up with solutions quickly if the strategy isn’t working.

Here’s what 11 successful entrepreneurs did when failure hit them in the face–hard. [read]


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