legotogHuman photographers aren’t the only ones dragging their cameras to every corner of the globe in search of the decisive moment. As it turns out, a little LEGO man spent a year doing the same thing as part of life-sized human photographer Andrew Whyte‘s fun ‘The Legographer’ series.

Being a whimsical series, all of the photos were shot on Whyte’s aging iPhone 4S using the 645Pro (and, later, the 645Pro Mark II) app to take the pictures and Snapseed to edit them.

When we caught up with Whyte (a professional long exposure photographer by trade) over e-mail, he told us why exactly he chose to use his iPhone rather than his expensive Nikon gear:

For my first attempt at a 365 series I knew it had to be portable and spontaneous — my commercial photography, long exposures at night, is rarely either of these. My mobile phone fitted this agenda perfectly and had the added bonus of having a much closer minimum focusing distance than any of my Nikon gear. That’s how I get up close to the figure and force the perspective to make him look life-sized.

The phone did pose some challenges; low light performance, for example, was a real hurdle. Still, thanks to 645Pro, he was able to generate 20Mb TIF files each time he took a photo, and the print quality that resulted really “blew him away.” [read]


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