If your subject line is lame, your email doesn’t get read. The average person receives more than 50 emails a day and a quarter of us receive more than 100, according to a 2012 study by the software company Varonis Systems.

So let’s assume you’ve made the cut and your email has been opened, there’s an often-overlooked element you may want to rethink–your signature at the bottom on the email. It can be your opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

“It’s easy to forget that once the reader gets through the subject line and body of your email, there’s one more chance to stand out,” says personal brand expert Melissa Cassera of Cassera Communications. “I look at the email signature as an extra chance to sparkle and delight.”

Ron Cates, director of new market development for email marketing provider Constant Contact, agrees that the signature line is important: “It’s a great marketing opportunity, but it’s a concise one,” he says. “If it’s misused, it can backfire.”

Cassera and Cates say the best way to optimize your email signature is to avoid one of its five common mistakes: [read]


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