Many of us spend a lot of time trying to boost productivity by clearing off our desks, walking while we work, working out at lunch and deploying a host of other hacks to make the most of our days.

Those are all great strategies, but what may bring us the ultimate success–in work and life–isn’t simply a matter of rearranging files and appointments. It’s about mental strength. As Angela Duckworth, winner of this year’s MacArthur Genius Grant, discovered, self control and grit–the tenacity to set a goal and see it through, are excellent predictors of success.

Amy Morin took that a bit further. The psychotherapist recently wrote in Lifehack that sticktoitiveness was among the behaviors that the mentally strong exhibited. But she also noted what they didn’t do that allowed them to stay tough and focused. Taken together (and adding a couple of our own) they provide a compelling checklist for anyone looking to push past the obstacles that may be holding back growth.

1. Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Belle Beth Cooper introduced us to the term sunk cost. It’s refers to any time, effort or money spent that can’t be gotten back. The reason most of us can’t get past them is because our brains are wired to feel loss far more strongly than gain. A tough mind doesn’t get stuck in the sunk-cost fallacy and has the strength to make a rational decision without getting mired in the emotional muck of regret. [read]


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