TIP New York’s Empire State Building onto its side and add another 45 metres. That’s how long this ship is.

Prelude, a “floating liquefied natural gas facility” owned by oil and gas company Shell, is 488 metres long and 74 metres wide. That makes it the biggest ship in the world.

By comparison, the Empire State Building, which was the world’s tallest structure for almost 40 years, is 443 metres high.

The ship’s weight is even more mind-boggling. Prelude weighs in at 600,000 tonnes, which is six times the weight of the world’s largest aircraft carrier.

It was built using five times the amount of steel that was required for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Prelude won’t do the job of a traditional ship. As a floating natural gas facility, it will be posted off the coast of Western Australia for 25 years, acting more like a platform than a mobile vessel. [more]


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