An earlier post about reducing stress accumulated comments full of excellent advice from Sales Source readers. Here are the gist of them, along with some additional insights I have on the subject:

1. Take joy in small victories. Most of us have ambitious goals that may take years to achieve. While that’s a good thing, you should also celebrate the intermediate milestones that you hit along the way.

2. Hang out with non-work friends. If you spend too much time around the people you work with, you end up talking about work all the time, which can add to your stress.  Spending time with friends who aren’t plugged into your work gives stress a break.

3. Create a relaxing soundtrack. Movies have soundtracks because music elevates and intensifies your emotions. If you want less, creating a mellow soundtrack for the movie of your life, and listen to it on headphones while you’re working. [more]


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