If you spend much time with entrepreneurs who are radically changing anything–an industry, a technology, or a paradigm–you cannot help but be swept away by the possibility of it all.

I love being with them and all their optimism because I start thinking about what’s possible for me. And isn’t that what we all want? To have relationships that bring out the best in us and challenge us to imagine our lives a little bigger and better?

I want to tell you about two such people because their stories show precisely what you can achieve when you have determination.

Grit Trumps Everything Else

Bobby Huffaker had an idea. He realized he couldn’t execute on it alone, so he talked to David Yoder. Together, these guys set out not just to disrupt an industry, but also to be a part of starting one that didn’t yet exist.

In September of 2010, Bobby and David started American Exchange–a certified health exchange brokerage. They took a huge, huge bet that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would make its way through Congress, among the many other number of public opinion hoops it had to pass through, and find its way to the American consumer.

What I love most about Bobby and David is their grit. They not only saw opportunity and adventure, they seized it long before it was even a possibility. They raised a lot of money and stayed with the execution, even when some people insisted “this will never happen.” [read]

Like most start-ups, theirs was never a sure bet. Unlike most start-ups, however, people were actively working against them to snuff out their ability to exist. Their drive to keep going is what grit is all about.


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