Before Facebook introduced the clickable hashtags feature, weren’t the non-clickable hashtag dosage annoying? I mean hashtags were like everywhere, be it someone’s status update or any upload, hashtags were everywhere and the most annoying thing was that they were non-clickable.

Anyways, now that hashtags are clickable on Facebook somehow I still find them annoying not that I’m a hatist but the way people use hashtags is irritating. I guess most of us haven’t still got the concept of hashtags.

The hashtagging culture started as a way to link tweets to dynamic feed within Twitter. It was Chris Messina who introduced hashtags to Twitter. This culture soon spread around like a wildfire and social networking and social sharing sites like Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and recently joining the league, Facebook.

Hashtagging is a way to group similar messages that contain a particular hashtag. We have already discussed about the power of hashtags – it helps you reach your audience, engage followers, etc. But in case you’re not doing your hashtagging right, then you’re going to miss a lot. Here are a few dos and don’ts for using hashtags: [read]


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