As a freelancer looking for work, it’s becoming increasingly difficult.  The most common response I get from potential employers is “sorry, but you’re over-qualified.”  How in the world can you be OVER-qualified?  Wouldn’t you want someone working for you that is OVER-qualified so they can OVER-perform for you?

So, I came across this interesting article that I thought I would share with people looking to hire.

Finding the right employees is a lynchpin of success. Here’s what to look for.

Great employees are important to any company’s success, but especially critical at a start-up. In the tech sector, a great software developer will produce more than 10 mediocre ones–and likely avoid costly missteps in the process. At CarGurus, we’ve proven that theory beyond a doubt. We don’t have an army of engineers, but we’ve still cracked the top ten in most trafficked U.S. automotive shopping sites and are ranked as the fastest growing site in the category here in the United States.

That kind of momentum is based on smart development and employees who “get it.” Like most start-ups, we aren’t in a position to take risks with employees who are underperformers or a poor cultural fit. In fact, we joke that we interview 15 candidates for every new hire, but it’s not far from the truth.

As you keep a discerning eye on your talent pool, here are five keys to keep in mind: [read]


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