Forbes Magazine published an article on why big businesses lose their most talented people. The parallels between corporations and churches missing out on great talent were strikingly similar.

1. The Way We Always Do Things: Has your church become a machine and the people who serve on staff or in volunteer roles simply cogs who show up, make something happen, and go home? If those who are doing the work don’t have input into the vision, it’s likely they’ll get stifled and not be able to use their creativity and talent to truly support the church. They just become warm bodies on an assembly line, so to speak.

2. Do You Know Their Passion? If anyone has ever attended church for a length of time, one will always hear the desperate “We need help in the nursery this summer!” plea from the pulpit. Sometimes seasons call for all-hands-on-deck, and often your church is willing to comply. Who’s looking out for the unique passions of the people in your church? Do you have a talented carpenter whose only area of service is picking up chairs after church? What would happen if there was a team of people who were passionate about finding ways for other people to use their passion? Win/win. [read]


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