I personally switched upon FCP-X release.  It was and continues to be a disappointment.  Another sign that Apple is leaving the pros behind?  I think so.

Ask Adam Epstein to name the toughest part of his editorial and motion graphics workflow for Saturday Night Live‘s Film Unit and he will tell you, unequivocally, that the intense 24-hour edit sessions preceding the live show are actually a lot of fun. It has to help that Epstein, a freelance editor, has been working this crazy routine for the past three years at SNL‘s storied studios in 30 Rockefeller Center, cutting the mock commercial spots that appear between live skits for film segment director and producer Rhys Thomas, himself a creative beneficiary of long-time SNL film segment producer Jim Signorelli. Now in his fourth season with the show, Epstein says the raw, manic energy that sets the late-night institution’s writers and cast members in motion every week also keeps him singularly focused on the work ahead. “I’m not going to lie—it’s cool every single time,” he says. “If you’re a comedy nerd like me, it just never gets old. But what I think a lot of people don’t realize about SNL is there really isn’t much carry-over from week to week. [read]


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