For many years now I’ve been searching for steady, full-time employment to no avail.  I came across this article that shed considerable light on my plight.  I’ve really been searching in the wrong place.  Established companies are looking for ‘worker-bees” and that isn’t me.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to work but I’m not one just to perform tasks.  I need challenges, change, flexibility.  I bore easily.  So, what’s the right place for me?  Either working for myself or working with a start-up.  I hope this article opens some doors for you as it seems it has for me.  (BTW – if you’re a start-up and you’re looking for a hard working, creative individual – give me a holler).

Best-in-class companies realize that making ongoing investments in grooming their workforce is important. However, starting off with a great team arguably has the highest impact.

Finding the right talent can be tricky, especially if your company is a startup that doesn’t have a substantial hiring budget. But making an upfront investment of both time and resources can make a big difference to your startup’s bottom line and growth potential. Adding top talent early on will bring a combination of new energy, ability, innovative ideas and the passion your team needs to become competitive in the marketplace.

Proof talent is so important: Large and mid-size companies are continuing to snatch up startups, mainly for their employees. This phenomenon is called ‘acqui-hire.’

When looking for the right people in the exciting and often unpredictable world of startups, look for the following characteristics. [read]


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