JTF – I’m not a wedding photographer and have no desire to becoming a wedding photographer so I can’t say that I agree or disagree with the author.  That said, considering the source of this article, I’m sure it’s sound advice.  Enjoy.

As a photographer there are two common questions asked at a wedding. The first question is invariably how much did that camera cost? My reply is always honest and is usually met with a sharp intake of breath by the individual who have passed question.

The second most common question that is asked is “what advice do you have for anyone wishing to become a wedding photographer?” This is a difficult question to answer as the individuals usually thinks that being a photographer is simply owning a camera. It is important that anyone who wishes to become a professional photographer understands that they have a certain responsibilities when it comes to taking photographs of an event that is both as special and as unique as a wedding. [read]


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