As lovely and elegant as pianos can be, and as many memories one might have of plunking away at “Heart and Soul,” if you’ve got one that doesn’t work and aren’t willing to spend the money to fix it, it just turns into a huge piece of furniture taking up room in your home. Since the value of used pianos, uprights in particular, has gone down in recent years, owners are starting to dump pianos instead of trying to fix them or giving them away.

The New York Times says it’s becoming increasingly common for piano movers to turn into piano dumpers, as owners of used pianos call them to dispose of non-working instruments. Sometimes the movers take them apart to sell off pieces or even burn them as firewood.

All those working parts that come together inside a piano to produce beautiful music are also very expensive to repair, and require the attention of skilled experts. There are less of those technicians around these days, however, while music lovers can get a kick from less expensive digital pianos and keyboards, as well as cheaper imported pianos. [read]


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