Entrepreneurs possess unique traits that make you unusual (and outstanding). Here’s how to relate to–and better manage–your employees.

Today one of my clients asked me about a dilemma that frustrates and confuses many entrepreneurs: How can I teach my employees the skills and qualities that are innate in me, but not in them?

In other words, the client meant: Why don’t they seem to have common sense?

I’ve coined the term, “uncommon sense,” because I don’t think there’s anything common about it. What many people don’t realize is that high emotional intelligence, forward thinking, and the ability to do it all, are natural qualities in the entrepreneur.

News flash: Not everyone possesses these qualities. But that does not diminish their ability to be a good employee who can make intelligent decisions within their area of expertise.

Let’s take a look at an example of this widespread dilemma: [read]


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I'm a multimedia designer, video editor, photographer and musician who likes just about everything so here's a place to share. I'm left-right brained which is both a blessing and a curse but never boring. Check out: 3 Penguins Design - http://www.3PenguinsDesign.com ::: 3 Penguins Photography - http://www.3PenguinsPhotography.com :::

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