Safe­ty and per­for­mance. Those are of­ten the trade-offs with ex­ter­nal stor­age, since hav­ing a disk near­by speeds up ac­cess, but in­creas­es the risk of fail­ure or dam­age or theft. Mov­ing your da­ta in­to the cloud is safer, since there are typ­i­cal­ly mul­ti­ple man­aged back­ups, but mov­ing larg­er files can take for­ev­er. Blend­ing both of these is a good idea, and we’re start­ing to see more and more de­vices come with cloud op­tions.

Aki­tio’s Cloud Hy­brid 1 Bay al­so blends net­work-at­tached stor­age with di­rect-at­tached stor­age, since you can plug in­to the de­vice with ei­ther eth­er­net or USB 3.0 (you can on­ly use one at a time though). There aren’t Thun­der­bolt or wire­less op­tions on this mod­el, but we haven’t found wire­less net­work stor­age to work all that well, and Thun­der­bolt isn’t wide­ly avail­able or sup­port­ed (and is still quite ex­pen­sive). Speak­ing of costs, this is a very val­ue-fo­cused en­clo­sure, as it comes with­out a hard drive in­clud­ed, and costs a re­mark­ably in­ex­pen­sive $100 or so. [read]


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