What is a DI box?
A DI box aka Direct Inject or Direct box is a tool we use in the studio to bring a signal from an instrument (guitar, bass, keyboards) directly into our recording system.

An audio engineer (or home recording enthusiast) will use the DI box for silent recording, as a backup or to process along with a microphone on an amplifier.

The DI box typically has 3 input and output connections.

  1. 1/4″ TS instrument input – electric guitar or bass connects here
  2. XLR-M balanced output – connects to mic preamp
  3. 1/4″ TS Thru – Continues the input path to connect to an amplifier.

For example, the DI box would be connected between an electric bass and audio interface mic input. The clean bass signal can be recorded without the need for an amp. [more]


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