The common high-tech trap many businesses fall into–and how to steer clear of it.

People nearby gasped when he said, “You’d be a lot better off if you just lost 10 or 20 pounds.”

Let’s come back to that in a moment.

Wherever you look, it can seem like adopting new technology is the key to success. But don’t be fooled: Chasing new technology could be the key to your failure, especially when you spend more time searching for improved “stuff” than you do working to improve yourself.

Equipment Can Only Do so Much

Take cycling. The use of carbon fiber and advanced aerodynamics has made bicycles incredibly sophisticated–and expensive. Go to a triathlon, even an entry-level “sprint” triathlon, and you’ll see hundreds of $6k, $8k, and $10k bikes. Even the most casual of competitors spend thousands of dollars pursuing incremental performance gains. High-tech is the norm, not the exception. [read]


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