Whether you are taking landscapes, portraits, or travel shots one of the bigger questions photographers are often faced with when shooting outdoors is what do we do with the sky? Because the sky is dynamic, it’s constantly changing its look, from its color to its brightness to the types of clouds it has in it, creating numerous photographic opportunities and challenges. By being aware of how the sky can influence and change our photos we will begin to make the most out of the different situations we find ourselves in. Here are a few suggestions that might help you think about the sky when shooting outdoors.

Expose your photo with the sky in mind.

If the sky is going to be a significant portion of your photo, think about how you will expose for it. In general, an overexposed gray sky is not as appealing as a correctly exposed deep blue sky. Of course this is all subjective and will depend on what you want to convey or emphasize in the frame. There is no right or wrong, but we should be conscience of how exposing for the sky will change the look of our photo. [read]


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