They’ve been used, misused, and abused. It’s time to eliminate these buzz phrases from your speech entirely.

We all over-use certain words and phrases. (Me included: I’m guilty of slipping “well” into sentences way too often.)

That’s natural, but if you’re hoping to communicate effectively–or be taken seriously–that’s also a real problem.


Once upon a time a network engineer was in a meeting. Responding to a question he said, “I don’t think we have sufficient bandwidth to transfer that much data.”

A manufacturing manager walked out of the meeting and thought, “Huh. Bandwidth. That’s a pretty cool word.”

A day later the manager was in another meeting and, flexing a little I’m-in-the-know-and-you-aren’t muscle, said, “Are we sure we have sufficient bandwidth to pull this project together on time?” Everyone was jealous.

Then, months later in a land far far away, a salesman (salesman because it’s always guys who do this) said to another salesman, “I won’t be able to meet with you until next week. I’m really busy and just don’t have the bandwidth now.”

And just like that–except to the people who were using it correctly all along–the word “bandwidth” had forever lost its original meaning.

Now, when it pops up in everyday business conversation, it just sounds, well, pretentious.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Here are some commonly overused words and phrases you should retire from your vocabulary: [read]


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