Like it or not, emotions are a big part of leadership. Here’s how to deal with them–without becoming your team’s therapist.

I once had a coaching client express her frustration with the inability of a senior team to get behind a plan and get moving. The client was a good leader with a good team. But the organization’s growth, its pace of change, and uncertainty about its future had led to a series of false starts. The CEO was exasperated and asked, essentially, “What is it that the team does not get?”

While the team may have intellectually “got it” about the new plan, their collective emotions did not. Eventually, the CEO had a powerful insight: It takes a large heart to be a good leader.

If leadership is mainly engaged in human relations, then leadership, at its core, is largely about emotions. Leaders would do well to reflect on the emotionality of leadership, especially during challenging situations and periods of self-doubt. Here are three factors to consider. [read]


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