Deciding on an audio interface can be difficult.  I hope this article helps clear the water a bit.

Based on the features, build-quality, and component quality, interfaces truly run the gamut price-wise. You can spend under $100 for a no-frills USB 1.1 model with one or two inexpensive mic pre’s, or close to $6,000 for a top-of-the-line, pro audio quality FireWire 800 unit with pristine converters, high-end pre’s, and numerous and varied I/O options.

In the audio interface field, like in other areas, advances in technology are sparking design changes, and this is impacting the products being released. The goal here is to spotlight some of the intriguing new audio interfaces that have hit the market, to see how they fit in those trends, and to try to discern where the market is headed in terms of product design, connectivity standards and more… [read]


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