Being in the design business for 30 years one of the biggest mistakes I see in clients, yes clients, is that they don’t reply upon the experience and expertise of their designers. Clients tend to chose logos, graphics, pictures and colors that “move” them.  On occasions that may be the best choice but more often than not, it’s the wrong choice.  You have to put yourself in the shoes of the market segment you are trying to reach.  When you take your car to a mechanic, or you go to the doctor, you allow them the latitude to do what they do best.  Show the same respect for your designer.

That being said, here’s an article that will help you select colors for your website.  Enjoy!

Picking a color for a website means much more then picking your favorite color and turning it into a layout. It means picking the right color in order to get the desired response from your audience. If you know your audience well and figured out which color works best for them, you are already halfway there in the creation process. It is also quite unlikely to pick a color that will fit every visitor of your website, therefore it is even more important to be able to determine which color and tone works best for most users you target. [read]


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    Brand owners are howling for new laws to help them crush “rogue” websites. But why?

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