Hyper focal distance is a popular technique used mostly with rangefinder cameras. If you are using a Leica or Contax manual focus rangefinder – you’ll find the lenses marked and easy to read the hyper focal distance.

street focusingLook at the lens and see foot and meter distance measurements for a given F-Stop. Since most street photography is done between 7 and 15 feet you can easily set the lens so that everything that falls within this distance will be in focus for a given f-stop. It’s not what I’d call exact focus – but it’s close enough so that focus will seem fine. After that you can walk around and know that if your subject is within your hyper focal distance you’ll be fine. Obviously, you need to be able to judge distances, and it will not be possible if you are shooting “wide open” at say f1.4. There just isn’t enough depth of field (DOF). [read]

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  1. aparnanairphotography says:

    This photo is stunning. Bravo!

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