Christine Lavin recently sent in the following question: “Where do headphones fit in the mix for you, or do you listen just to the speakers? I’ve been in studios where they have 3 sets of speakers — small medium and large — and the producer or mixer (if it’s someone else) listen on all three. But I’m a headphone person. Wonder what your opinion of that is?”

I’m a firm believer that you can get great mixes out of virtually any set of speakers in just about any room, and that includes headphones as well. The trick is that you have to have enough listening time to get a reference point as to what sounds good or bad when you play your mix back elsewhere. That’s why mixers began to take their own speakers wherever they went (or asked for NS-10s) in the first place. It was something that they were familiar with, and since they were nearfields, the room didn’t come too much into play during the mix so they could be surer of the result. [read]


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