My new iPad came to my door while I was filming the long lines at New York’s Grand Central and 5th Avenue stores yesterday. I got home around 2 p.m., and I have since played with it almost non-stop. Here are my first impressions:

I’m sad to report that I am not as off-the-wall impressed with the new iPad as most of the other reviews I have read (except maybe David Pogue’s). It is absolutely a top-notch Apple product and easily the best tablet on the market, but not all will appreciate its tradeoffs.

The Retina display is by far the biggest new feature—and it is certainly impressive. However, it is not a life-changing experience that some have described, and it isn’t a big enough differentiator to warrant an almost double-sized battery in my opinion. The new Retina apps are really great, but the extra weight is noticeable. The marginal extra thickness does not bother me, but the heat generated by the new processor on the left side does. Reading books on the new Kindle app is certainly extra pleasurable with the Retina update, but the warmth and the weight more than offset the improved screen after about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. The new iPad also takes almost twice as long to charge; although, you can still expect it to run for almost 10 hours like all the other iPads. [read]


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