Been saying this for almost 2 years now.  The days of Macs for Pros are quickly coming to an end.  The cost of upgrading all my software for PC is going to be painfully expensive.  Not sure how this is going to happen.  Unlike the author of this post, my love for Apple is quickly fading.

From Pro Tools Expert

As an Apple fanboy it’s easy to let the excitement of a new Apple product launch hide the bigger message of the keynote.

Just look at these statements made by Tim Cook;

  • He started talking about the post-PC revolution – this is made up in the Apple ecosystem by 3 devices; iPod, iPhone, iPad.
  • He told us 76% of Apple revenues were made up by these post-PC devices.
  • He then spoke about iOS
  • The new iPhoto for iPad comes with ‘professional’ tools

The news from Apple, if anyone was still in any doubt, is that Apple are working toward a post-PC world.

Now Apple seldom announces Pro products at keynotes, I think the last thing it launched during a keynote was the Mac Pro, so I wasn’t expecting any such announcements, but that’s not my point.What all of this shows is that this is Apple’s main focus, if nothing else it is strengthening its position as a consumer brand.

I love Apple, in fact I think I have everything they make, even the Apple TV, I love my Mac Pro and depend on it, but perhaps my use of Apple products in future will be a post-PC world.


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