AT&T is appealing a California judge’s ruling against the telecommunications giant over its practice of slowing the Internet speed of mobile phone customers with unlimited plans—a practice known as throttling that is gaining wider use in an industry looking to cut costs.

The company’s move following Friday’s ruling should come as no surprise: Half of its smartphone users—about 17 million customers—are on so-called unlimited plans. It could find itself in a legal nightmare if other customers win similar cases.

AT&T isn’t alone in throttling data usage. Verizon has a form of throttling called “data optimization” that went into effect last fall. Data optimization differs from throttling, the company explains, because it’s based on network traffic. So if you’re a top tier user and you’re near a congested data node, you may experience a slowdown, but if you’re not near a congested node, your data speed could be normal. [read]

I HOPE AND PRAY THEY LOSE. Cell companies, Oil and Cable can seemingly do whatever they want.

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