Jeremy Lin has inspired a lot of rabid fans, magazine features, and six-figure book deal offers. But he’s also fueled a new breed of lightening-fast ebook authors. Alan Goldsher, author of “Linsanity: The Improbably Rise of Jeremy Lin,” is one of the fastest (and slickest).

In the days before web publishing, upstart sports stars, even those with searing 10-game streaks like Jeremy Lin’s, were viewed largely in hindsight, their legacies captured in book form only after the immediate excitement had passed. But the rapid ascent of Lin has helped make him a poster boy for a new breed of ebook authors who climb the Amazon ranks just as fast. In the case of Lin, a slew of quick-turnaround Kindle books were cranked out at the height of the zeitgeist, often culled together from previously published or old interviews and repurposed to capture flashes of fame. Turn-around time is days rather than months. [read]


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