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The new Google account signup shows where Google+ is headed

First of all, you soon won’t have any choice. Google recently made a change to its signup page for new Google or Gmail accounts. Along with Gmail, you now automatically get Google+.  That means two things: First, if you’re a small business using Gmail as your main email account, you will automatically be on Google+. Second, your potential customers who use Gmail – and there are already hundreds of millions of Gmail users – will be on Google+. Not all of them will become confirmed users, but at  least some of them are bound to check it out and see how it compares.

Google eventually rolls out all its changes to Google Apps, so you have to figure that this is coming to mobile devices soon too – and that will be a huge market. On this point, Facebook isn’t even in the running. When you sign up for Google you get all of Google’s services, which you can manage from a single account.

That means your businesses YouTube channel, your Picasa web album with photos of the company Christmas party – the works. When you sign up for Facebook you get Facebook – no integration with anything. You’ve got to figure that a Google account is the better bet. Speaking of which … [read]


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