I’ve been using Mac’s since 1989.  I’m willing to pay the higher prices regardless of what my PC evangelists have said.  Yes, there is a “but”.

BUT. . . when Apple abandoned us video editors with Final Cut Pro X, I, like some many of my colleagues, ran for higher ground in Adobe Premier.  Apple hasn’t done, and probably won’t upgrade the Mac Pro.  Now, with the Mountain Lion and the future of their operating systems (OS) it may be time to finally leave this relationship what I and so many others have been loyal to.

Unfortunately, it will be expensive with all the software that must be purchased so it will be gradual at best.

Apple is planning an annual release schedule for updates from here on out. Also, if your computer is more than 4 years old, you’re out of luck on the new OS, forcing you to spend more money to upgrade hardware as well.

The following was taken from Leo Laporte’s website:

“Apple announced OSX Mountain Lion this week, which is part of a now annual cycle of OS upgrading. The problem is, that it’s only available as a download from Apple and if your computer is more than 4 years old, you can’t even get to the site to buy it. Apple is also forcing developers to require the most recent versions of operating systems (they call it gatekeeper technology), which will more or less force people to buy new computers more often. Leo says that’s incredibly predatory. Leo also says that Gatekeeper will allow Apple to pattern their desktop app sales like those for iPad and iPhone. And they can get away with it because they control only 5% of the marketplace.”

“Predatory” is an accurate word.

Yes, the iPhone and iPad are very cool, but as far as work, Apple you sold out for the consumer and left your loyal pro’s in the dust. Bye-bye Apple.



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