If you’ve never been body surfing and “eaten” it on the pounding surf to find your swim trunks and mouth full of sand when it’s all over, then pay close attention to this video to see what that experience can be like. wink

I positioned the GoPro at the edge of the incoming surf on a fairly flat beach so it wouldn’t really get “pounded” but just gently washed over as the tide was receding near sunset. In hind-sight, I would have better secured a base that would go deeper into the sand, but I wanted the lens on the GoPro to be just above the sand’s surface to really get this effect. [read]


About joetheflow

I'm a multimedia designer, video editor, photographer and musician who likes just about everything so here's a place to share. I'm left-right brained which is both a blessing and a curse but never boring. Check out: 3 Penguins Design - http://www.3PenguinsDesign.com ::: 3 Penguins Photography - http://www.3PenguinsPhotography.com :::

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