The dilemma: an aging retail company needs to hit it big. The executive team decides to partner with one of the top-trending “brands” of 2011: The Kardashians. Upside: major name recognition, and any web search including “Kardashian” might generate a banner ad for the company. The downside: it’s an unpredictable party to work with.

The company is Sears, and the story is real. Here’s what happened.

One might argue that Sears was the original Amazon. Once upon a time they were a cutting-edge service that delivered whatever you needed, right to your door. But recent headlines about Sears read more like a reality TV show synopsis: stores closing, stock downgraded, and save-the-day new executive hires.

A recent Forbes article lists changes ailing giant Best Buy needs to make to survive. Let’s apply the same lessons to Sears (I’ve changed the wording). [read]


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