Trey Ratcliff’s recent blog article “DSLRS Are A Dying Breed – 3rd Gen Cameras Are The Future” stirred up a bit of controversy (to say the least). Wherever you fall on this issue, the future doesn’t really care what you think. I do agree with Trey on this matter. My iPhone 4 accounts for over half of the photography and video that I do for fun. Note: fun. That’s the stuff that really matters to me.

Well, here comes along “the future is mirror-less” Canon with their announcement of the Powershot G1X. With a near APS-C size sensor and 1080p 24fps video, could this be all you need to have some serious photo fun without the hassle and weight of lugging expensive around expensive gear? Seriously, do you really need a DSLR to get the last great shot you got? Probably not. Sure, there are plenty of situations where the current generation of DSLR’s can’t be beat – yet – and so I’ll continue to use them to the full for my work. But, man o man, the GX 1 sure looks tempting! [read]


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