Don’t think that Social Media is important to the growth and health of the church? I’ve heard all the excuses on why we (the local church) should not embrace Social Media and they are weak at best.

If “we” want to reach this and future generations we HAVE TO go to them because they are obviously not coming to us. Consider the following:

-. 96% of Generation Y uses social networks
– If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest.
– 300,000+ businesses have a Facebook page
– Dell has sold $3 million dollars of computers on Twitter.
– Ford Motors spends 25% of its marketing budget on social media – and didn’t need a government bailout.
– The average American watches 124 videos per month online.
– 70% of 18-34 year olds watch TV on the web – but only 35% use a TIVO.
24 out 25 of the top newspapers are experiencing record declines.

It’s naive to think that Social Media is some evil force and/or to stay away from it because [I] don’t understand it.

A good friend and pastor pointed out to me that every major advance in communication has been met by opposition from the church. Billy Graham took the gospel to the people via television and the church did NOT embrace it. Before that it was radio and dare I submit to you that the church opposed the bible being printed in languages that the people themselves could read. Just a thought.

Time to hop on board.

Forward this to your pastor since they probably will never see this article. It’s distributed via Social Media Networks.


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  1. Marie says:

    I agree social media should be used for churches to help grow or strengthen their communities. I went a church once where they incorporated their social media with their multimedia for church. Since they had those large led video walls they took certain Tweets made to the pastor over the week and posted them on the large screens. The pastor used them to display topics related to his sermon. The pastor seemed to have a good relationship with everyone and it was even better with Twitter, people could Tweet him messages and then he would maybe use some of them to make his sermon more relatable. I really enjoyed the service I went to, and the fact that he put so much effort into his service. So yes I agree social media needs to be embraced in churches.

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