Communication is a two way streetThe importance of effective communication for managers and business owners can’t be overemphasized. Clear and effective communication from management increases efficiency, satisfies customers and improves quality throughout the organization.

What is Effective?

Let’s define what we mean by “effective” from both the employee & management perspective.  Our interest here is in how information, ideas and caring flow from management to employee and also how employee concerns are transmitted from employee to manager. Remember communication must be a two-way street to truly be effective.

As owners and managers we must communicate the company vision and objectives to each employee, along with our expectations for their particular position and role in reaching our vision. In the E-Myth management model, we do this through the strategic objective, organizational strategy and position contracts. For important agreements, getting it down in writing is often the difference between effective communication and communication that misses the mark between the person delivering the message and the receiver. Don’t shy away from the written word. The E-Myth system of management along with effective delegation and regulation, relies on written interchanges to make certain that both parties understand what is being communicated. [read]


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