Confession time, until a few years ago I was an emotional packrat. While I would tell others to let stuff go, forgive and forget, and just move on, I would keep adding to my emotional baggage and never dealing with it.

I would hang on to these thoughts and feelings continually replaying different scenarios in my head. Each time I would think of things I should have said (or perhaps should have avoided saying). I would think of what I should have done differently, as if this replay would change the outcome.

There is a lot of damage that can come from hanging on to, storing, and replaying all of these past issues. It can cause an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, and even depression in some cases. [read]

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I'm a multimedia designer, video editor, photographer and musician who likes just about everything so here's a place to share. I'm left-right brained which is both a blessing and a curse but never boring. Check out: 3 Penguins Design - ::: 3 Penguins Photography - :::

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