No matter where you look you see the same dismal numbers – sales of CDs are down 50% since 2000, and down 15% just this year alone. “The CD is over.” “The CD is dead.” “Nobody buys CDs anymore.” The writing is on the wall; at some point in time, the sales of CDs will be right down there in the depths of inconsequential sales with cassette tapes.

But not quite yet. There will still 350 million CDs sold this year. Let me say that again. “There will be 350 MILLION CDs sold this year.” Someone’s still buying those suckers.

And one of the reasons why they’re still selling is that some sanity has finally come into the market. With the price now between $6 to slightly less than $10, people don’t feel ripped off if they buy something with only a few good songs anymore.

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